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What is MYLÉ?

It is recommended to do low puffs (MTL, or cigarette-type puffs).

The device will emit the optimal amount of steam and allow you to feel enough nicotine strength.

Sometimes, after installing a new MYLÉ pod, you need to do a stronger first puff.

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MYLÉ recommends not to inhale sharply to avoid the liquid getting into the vape chamber.

It is also not recommended to bite or squeeze the mouthpiece.

This can cause the pod to leak or liquid to enter the chamber.

When installing the MYLÉ pod, it is not recommended to apply strong pressure or squeeze the pod on the sides.

How to become a MYLÉ partner?

For further information please Call : +971545202448

How long does the MYLÉ battery last after a full charge?

It depends on the intensity of use, but usually, a fully charged battery will last for the entire whole day, or for the period of use of one pod.

Put your MYLÉ device to recharge when it is not in use to keep it charged.

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How do I properly store my MYLÉ Device?

When storing your MYLÉ device, your device should have a full charge, be disconnected from the outlet, and pods should be detached.

Your MYLÉ Device should always be out of the reach of children and pets.

Note: When storing your device, it is recommended to charge your MYLÉ device every few weeks.

How to store properly MYLÉ pods? Do they have an expiration date?


It is recommended to use the MYLÉ pod after purchase.

The natural taste may become less expressed after a year.

Store your MYLÉ pods closed in the original packaging in a room temperature dry place.

How many puffs does each MYLÉ Pod contain?


MYLÉ Pods holds approximately 240 puffs per pod.

MYLÉ Disposables holds approximately 300 puffs per pod.

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How do I properly charge my MYLÉ Device?


All MYLÉ Devices come with a Micro USB charging cable. It is recommended that you charge your device with the original Micro USB cable.

While the battery is charging, a green LED light will turn on and blink indicating the battery is charging.

When the battery is fully charged 3 green solid LED lights will be displayed.

What do I do if my MYLÉ Pod is leaking?


Sometimes liquid may leak from the MYLÉ pod.

Follow these tips for use to avoid leaking your MYLÉ pod.

If your MYLÉ Pod is leaking, detach the pod, wipe off the liquid with a clean cloth swab or tissue, before continuing use.

The reasons why liquid from the pod may enter the vape chamber:

  1. Sharp, strong puffs. – Try to inhale more smoothly.
  2. Pressure on the MYLÉ pod during inhaling. – Do not bite or squeeze the mouthpiece.
  3. The pod was squeezed during installation in the device. – When you insert the pod, hold it by the side (narrow) limits.
  4. Pods are stored in extreme heat.

If your MYLÉ pod still leaks, please contact our support.

MYLÉ pods are not fixed in the device


Make sure the device and pod versions match.

Check the MYLÉ Global page to find out the officail MYLÉ websites in your country.

The MYLÉ pod package was damp. What should I do?


If MYLÉ pods are stored in high humidity conditions or exposed to sharp changes in atmospheric pressure, they can emit a small amount of condensation.

If your MYLÉ pod is leaking, it is best to avoid direct contact with liquid.

If it gets on your hands, wash them with soap and water.

If your MYLÉ Pod is leaking, gently wipe off the liquid with a clean cloth swab or tissue.

If the fluid continues to leak, contact MYLÉ support.

What should I do if my Device is defective?


MYLÉ Devices carry a 1-year warranty.

  • If you purchased your Device through our website, click here.
  • If you purchased your Device through an Authorized Reseller, click here.

For more information please visit MYLÉ Warranty page.

The MYLÉ battery not charging well


Try a different power source.

Clean the metal contact pins on the MYLÉ and on the charger with a dry cotton swab.

Try to remove visible dirt on the contact pins with a toothpick or a dry, clean brush.

If the problem remains, contact MYLÉ support.

LED light is flashing in different colors


Remove the MYLÉ pod and reinsert it into the device.

If the problem remains, contact MYLÉ support.

Does MYLÉ offer Warranty?


MYLÉ Devices carry a 1-year warranty, Pods do not.

Note: Warranty is applicable in the United States only.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?


Orders are filled within 1-2 business days.

While we do our best to offer you the fastest shipping methods and rates, your order may be delivered between 1-3 business days, 3-5 business days, or 6-10 business days, depending on your location and your shipping method selection.

Upon order placement you will receive an email confirmation. Once your order has shipped, you will receive another email confirmation with tracking information.

Our standard shipping method is USPS for Domestic and FedEx for International, we ship Monday – Friday.

Note: Delivery dates shown upon checkout are only estimates provided by the carrier and may be affected by weather, national holidays, and some geographic locations.

What do I do if my package is damaged?


Please be sure to check the condition of your package before it is accepted.

If the package appears damaged upon delivery, please do not accept it, hand it back to the carrier so it is returned to us. If you discover that your package is damaged after it is delivered, please contact the MYLÉ Support.

Note: Any damaged or missing orders must be reported to MYLÉ within 72 hours of the delivery date. Failure to do so may result in the claim being denied by the shipping carrier and exclusion from our Return & Refund Policy.

What if my package has missing items from the order?


Should you find items missing from your package, we encourage you to first check the order receipt that is emailed to you or you can easily view it within My Account.

Orders may be shipped in separate packages in which you will receive a tracking number for each package.

If there is a missing item, please contact our support.

Note: Damaged or missing merchandise must be reported to us within 72 hours of the date of delivery.

Can I return my product for a refund?


All products purchased through MYLÉ website can be returned for a refund, as long as the product is in its original packaging and unopened. All returns must be initialized within 7 days of the purchase.

For more information please visit our Return & Refunds page.

Can I cancel my order?


If you wish to cancel an order made through the MYLÉ website, please contact support as soon as possible and be sure to provide your order number.

Note: We aim to fill your order as soon as it’s placed. Therefore, we cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel your order on time.

Can I carry my MYLÉ on the airplane?


MYLÉ products are safe to travel with. The proper travel care for your product is to detach the MYLÉ pod from your MYLÉ device, place the cap back on your pod, and store them away.

Most airlines restrict the use of vape devices. We strongly recommend you to check with your airline carrier and reference the comprehensive list of items prohibited by the Transportation Security Authority.

Note: Due to cabin air pressure Pods removed from their pill pack may slightly leak.


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