JUUL vs MYLE: What’s the Difference Between the Vaping Device

Hi guys, I thought I was going through my mind about the differences between myle and Juul vape pencils as I really can find many ways to compare when I’ve shopped around. I started Juul de PodVapes about a year ago and at the time I was quite impressed. Recently, however, I was struck around the car oil, so I decided to revisit the options and complete the purchase of myle V2 PodVapes approval for $7 and not look back.


JUUL VaporAt this stage, Juul is iconic in its history, and it is not difficult why. The pen is well-designed and durable to touch.



The myle look is very similar to Juul, but it is slightly wider and has rounded edges and corners. Overall, it doesn’t look bad, but compared to Juul DE myle’s elegant minimalism, it looks a little cheaper by comparison.


Functionality: Juul

Juul’s reasonable functionality is simple, albeit a little too simple. While stylish minimalism works on an aesthetic level, the design is not as intuitive in action. When green, yellow or red flashes, it is often difficult to measure the battery level of the device with only one green, yellow, or red flashing light. I also personally liked the fact that after that I played with a bit of temperament. While there is a place where you can see the level of pod Juul, it only shows the tip of the capsule, so if you feel like a quarter, take a capsule that gets tired after a while.


Myle uses a similar system, but it has 4 points to help you measure battery life, which is much more useful for my option. Myle V2 you also used a larger hole than Juul, where you can see how full your capsule is, which was very useful. But looking at the V3 layout Myle has decided to drop this feature with a more minimal design?

Pods: Juul

Juul’s official pods, especially Virginia tobacco, are pretty high in both 3.5% and %5 NIC options, but anyone trying to quit would love to have a lower nicotine chance. These pods pull very well, but steam can feel the light in the throat. I tried some of the cheapest under the brand, but in my Juul when it leaked forcing me to clean myself with a nail cake every day or so because it didn’t poll well.


They’ve only tried such Myle pods so far it’s 2% pods, but honestly make it seem like a dream. Steam seems heavier than Juul pods and generally more comfortable. I’m also really speeding coming up with lower nicotine levels, but I reserve some of my decision until I try a few different options.

Battery Life/Charging


July’s battery’s going to run out. First, the Juul requires a unique charging base that meets USB. It works well, but it can be quite annoying if you don’t have an electrical bank or something to associate with it. Secondly, the battery life is not high. It would take me all day, but I wouldn’t go too far at night, and if I was so stressed one day, it couldn’t even be sunshine. But it’s charged very quickly, which is a distraction.


Myle battery is one of the most powerful fumes. It uses a micro USB cable, which is very useful compared to SN. Battery life is excellent outside the box my first charge took 3 days (!!!), which compares Juul day and night and makes me wonder how Juul misses him so badly in this department. The device also loads very quickly, it is proper.


Juul is too resilient to give it to him. I dropped it when he crossed the road and his base was over. He tipped the device, but after changing the charging station to adjust it, it still worked normally until Myle arrived.


Probably too early to comment on myle’s endurance for now, but I fear that because of its severity it may be so little susceptible to injury.


Myle thinks we’re berating. While I’m not the biggest fan of your pencil design, it works better than Juul in almost every way, so it’s hard to recommend it to me


Usually, Juul does what he has, but I think the coast works well at this point, especially when you see what Myle is doing. Well rated: There’s a hat bug.

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